Through these stories & photos I aim to inspire my readers to explore the world around them, not just the places, but the experiences.

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Hotels, events, landmarks, cruises, shops, and anything else a place has to offer I enjoy experiencing and writing about. I hope my articles will help travelers know before they go and give businesses insight into the current view of their establishment and competitors to help maintain an excellent level of quality.


Food is a critical component to everyone’s enjoyment what ever they are doing, where ever they are doing it. I’m a regular Midwestern guy who give honest reviews from my regular Midwest palette. I enjoy trying new things, if it’s served from the menus of the elevated infused culinary revolution or the rustic made from scratch family kitchen table.

Ghost Writing

Traveling and enjoying new experiences while helping others to do the same has become a passion of mine. Sharing what I learn and learning from what others share is the true key to a joyous life. I would love to collaborate with others who share this passion. Feel free to contact me about any opportunities you may have.